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Car Engine

Mr. J is a Strait 2 U Master Technician as well as our Director of Business Development. Mr. J is responsible for managing the customer experience and service engagement of the Strait 2 U Auto Service team. Mr. J is the Leader of Truck #3 and field operations of Strait 2 U Auto.

Mr J Working 2.jpg


Repair Dispatcher
Radio: Dispatch 1

Mrs. Shantel is the voice of the Strait 2 U Mobile Auto Repair team. When you call our service line she is the one who greets our customers. Mrs. Shantel is responsible for dispatching our service trucks, and coordinating customer service.



AMT #2

Radio: AMT#2

Lil B is an Assist Mechanic Tech who assist Master Technicians on repair calls. Branden is assigned to Truck  #1.

branden 2.jpg


Master Technician

C'Los is a Master Technician with over 10 years of automotive repair experience. C'Los is Truck Lead for Truck #5 and also serves on Truck #1.


Mr. Rod is a Master Technician and Truck Lead of Truck #4. Rod is responsible for leading the Strait 2 U Team on all Major Engine Repair Calls. Mr. Rod coordinates and executes all Motor Repairs and Replacement repairs.

rodney douglas.jpg


Master Technician Transmissions 
Service Center Director

Mr. Mike is our team's transmission expert. With over 20 years industry experience Mike leads all our transmission repair jobs and provides expert field instruction to our service trucks. Mike is also the Director of our Service Center and oversees all in house transmission repairs.

michael norman.jpg

Assistant Mechanic Technician

Courtney is an Assistant Mechanic Technician assigned to Tuck #4. Courtney is in training now to become our newest Detail Specialist.

Our Team: Our Team
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